100 word challenge - It looked like a glass of water.

The moonlight shone dimly into the alleyway.
The night was silent and the air crisp. I nervously walked down the dark alleyway. Waiting, hoping. A shadow falls across the ground and a figure steps out of the shadows.
“Do you have the money.” I nod and silently hand over the pile of bills in my hand.
Then without a word it's done.

The next day I’m sitting in my chair at the annual who will it be meeting. I glance knowing I made
the deal with the right person. We all stand for the toast everybody waiting for the king to take his first sip.
He raises the goblet to his lips and takes a sip then all of a sudden he falls to the floor and is dead.
I look around and see a flash of blonde hair.
Thank you Yvette I say. How, everyone says. It looked like a glass of water, but was it...


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