100 word challenge no.2

The assignments.
   Part 1.

These objects stood tall. Their shadows darkened streets leaving people standing there speechless.
Whatever has happened here they wonder.
People gather around these tall statues and stare up as far as they can see.
These are objects like no other. They are as tall as the eye can see.
They are as wide as an obese elephant.
They have mysterious circular white grooves cut into the black cube shape that makes up the main body.
What are these every one wonders.
That is everybody but me and I quickly turn to leave because I am the only one who knows
what’s coming next.
Suddenly the objects fall. Slowly but surely. People scream and run for their lives.
Yes I think. Onto assignment number 2.


  1. I think it was a very creative piece of writing and I can see that a lot of thought and effort went into writing this.


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